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Your swiss army knife

With Pext, you can do so much with just a few keystrokes. See what's currently supported or extend it yourself.

The video below shows the launcher module as an example. Many more modules are available.

Download Pext

Read the documentation Get the source code (GPLv3+)

Community & Help

The Pext community can be found on Matrix (, Telegram (@PextTool) or IRC (#pext on OFTC IRC). All these channels are connected, so use whatever you prefer. For beginners, unless you already have a Telegram account, we recommend Matrix.

Feel free to stop by for questions, tips or just a friendly chat with other users.

You may also ask for support on Twitter.

Chat via Matrix Chat via Telegram Chat via IRC

Donations & Merchandise

Pext is completely developed in my spare time.

If you like this project, donations are very welcome and I would be very grateful for them.

You can also buy stickers and other merch through RedBubble. Pext receives 20% of the sale price.

As Pext has no real infrastructural costs, I'll mostly use these for personal expenses.

If you'd like to donate in another way, please contact me.

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