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What is Pext?

Pext can be described as a searchable swiss army knife. Simply install the modules you want in a few clicks and start checking the weather, launching apps, finding emojis or something else altogether. If Pext can't do what you want yet, a developer can easily extend it using the power of Python 3. To summarize, Pext is what you want it to be.

Pext runs on GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows. Licensed under the GPLv3+, it is completely Free Software, keeping users and developers in control.

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Help and Community

The Pext community can be found on the OFTC IRC network, the channel is #pext.

You can join using the OFTC web IRC or, if you have your own IRC client, connect to irc://

Feel free to stop by for questions, tips or just a friendly chat with other users.

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Support me

Pext is completely developed in my spare time.

If you like this project, donations are very welcome and I would be very grateful for them.

As Pext has no real infrastructural costs, I'll mostly use these for personal expenses.

If you'd like to donate in another way, please contact me.

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Available modules

Want to write your own module?

Make sure to check out the documentation and the source code of existing modules.

Our community will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


The emoji module allows Pext to be used as a quick and simple emoji selector.

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The launcher module allows Pext to be used as an application launcher.

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The openweathermap module allows Pext to look up weather and forecast information using OpenWeatherMap.

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The pass module allows Pext to be used as a front-end to pass, a command line password manager.

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The radiobrowser module allows Pext to list and connect to over 5000 internet radio stations.

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The repl module allows Pext to evaluate Python statements.

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The ssh module allows Pext to quickly open a new terminal, connecting to your SSH server of choice.

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The todo module allows Pext to be used as a todo-list manager compatible with todo.txt.

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